What Intellectuals Say

Abhay Singh

Prayas is a platform where the young minds are nurtured and where passion has always found its way to a bigger, brighter and better destination. It is the perfect place to hone your English learning skills making it more invigorating that will define and redefine you for days to come. Good luck folks!!!


Abhay Singh Founder & Owner Chief Trustee

Virat Thakur

Though English is a cosmopolitan language, it is approached at different levels by all those who use English as a tool for their expressions but there lies a great divide in the language that is used by a layman on the street and the English that the intellectuals use. Likewise, out of great many institutions for learning English, PRAYAS INSTITUTE takes pains to stand out by giving land to the latter crowd.

Your trust remains unparalleled when you count upon PRAYAS INSTITUTE.



Director of Prayas Institute.

R.K Singh

Quality is often tested and to come out perfect every time is certainly not an easy task. I am glad to see that Prayas Institute holds this efficiency in pride and dignity. One of the perfect destinations to land upon for English speaking, Prayas Institute has more to offer than mentioned, a better person for example. Good luck folks! 



CFO : R.K Singh

Devraj Singh

If you really want to learn English, Prayas Institute is a perfect place. Each and every concept is explained in a logical manner thus helping students learn English in a much better way. The faculties are always ready to solve the doubts of the students thus motivating them to learn more to get good positions in society. I would undoubtedly recommend EngMates to you.

Asst.Manager : Devraj Singh

Jawed Ahmed

Any kind of new venture needs sufficient support and motivation to be sure enough to achieve. If English learning happens to be yours, you are at the right place now reading this. Prayas Institute will lead you where you need to go and it's all about your overall development as a person. The friendly and conducive atmosphere here is proof enough.


Mr.Jawed Ahmed